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A young boy with an ability to visual designs and concepts in his mind's eye is how this story begins. That visual presence coupled with steady hands and a passion for hand to metal combat is how this story takes shape. His love for metal, with all of it's boundless possibilities is where the “Metal” forged it's presence. Chasing a childhood dream and following the whims of creative energy is where “Roots” took their hold.


I am a fourth generation Northern Michigan entrepreneur. The entrepreneur legacy started with my Great Grandfather starting a general store in Glen Arbor, MI. in 1927, that was later owned by my Grandfather and later my father. In addition to the grocery store my grandparents owned and operated a hotdog, ice cream, and souvenir store at the base of the Sleeping Bear Dunes climbing area, the same Sleeping Bear Dunes that my great uncle Louie Warnes was a founder of dune rides. I am proud to be continuing the entrepreneur spirit that was started so many years ago by my ancestors.