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Steel, aluminum, and copper are some of the materials for the foundation in most of our designs and creations. Cutting, grinding, welding, forging, and bending are some of the methods used to manipulate the materials into the desired outcome.


Water, sunlight, and time are the necessary ingredients needed to create this treasure buried under a thin layer of protective bark. Focusing mainly on native Michigan woods like cherry, oak, maple, and walnut, with an occasional indulgence of exotics like babinga or tigerwood to name a couple. We strive to hand select some of nature's most mind twisting grains and knots, turning them into pieces of art and furniture to be showcased for generations.


Sky is the limit when it comes to the dressing of metal and wood. From our exclusive copper patina for carbon steel finishing, and our trademark pour-on top coat for wood, to heat coloring and custom painting. We strive to discover more and more options and styles for finishing.